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Confronting abuse in our community
Douglas Murray on the Jews
Frum survivors share their story of s*xual abuse and healing

Frum survivors share their story of s*xual abuse and healing

Support Ray of Hope: Zeldy Broyde is a dedicated individual who prioritizes her roles as a mother of four and as an active member of the Haverstraw, NY community. She possesses a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact and provide assistance to others. Leveraging her personal life experiences, Zeldy has established a significant platform that empowers individuals whose lives have been impacted by sexual abuse to find their voices, offer and receive support, and collectively heal. As the founder of Ray of Hope, a non-profit organization, Zeldy is committed to promoting the well-being of both our present and future Jewish communities. She humbly embraces the advancements and eagerly tackles the challenges associated with overseeing such a vital organization. Witnessing the transformative journey of Ray of Hope members is an immensely fulfilling and rewarding experience for Zeldy, who considers it an absolute privilege to contribute to such a noble cause. Bashie Naparstek overcame the abuse she suffered and is now a mother and wife who's story is an inspiration to us all. 🔴Sponsors🔴 ___________ ►Kav Halacha Have a question for a Rabbi? Call Now: 732.707.6666 ___________ ►Town Appliance Visit Message Town Appliance on WhatsApp: _______________ ► Rothenberg Law Firm PERSONAL INJURY LAW FIRM FOR 50+ YEARS Reach out today for free case evaluation ___________________ Subscribe to our Podcast Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Or wherever Podcasts are available! Editor: Sruly Saftlas Podcast created by: Meaningful Minute For more info and upcoming news, check out:
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